The Impact100 Oakland County Grant Process

We will be awarding three grants of $97,000 in 2024

Grant Application:  Nonprofits will start the process by completing the LOI Grant Pre-Qualification Form which becomes available on April 30.  Click the Apply button at the bottom of this screen. Once you complete the form you will receive instant feedback regarding eligibility. If eligible, nonprofits will get immediate access to the grant application which is due by June 21. 

Committee Reviews: Grant review committees, composed of volunteer members of Impact100 Oakland County, review the applications and financials, discuss the merits of each, chose two or three semi-finalists, perform site visits and identify finalists. Nonprofits are notified of review decisions mid-September. One finalist from each of the five focus areas is selected and asked to submit an executive summary of their proposal. This summary is emailed to the entire membership of Impact100 Oakland County prior to our Annual Grant Awards Ceremony. 

Annual Grant Awards Ceremony: Representatives from the finalist organizations make a short presentation at the November annual meeting. Each Impact100 Oakland County member votes at the meeting or by absentee ballot for her preferred grant recipients. The organizations receiving the most votes will receive the full grant awards. The grant recipients are announced at the conclusion of the ceremony!


Please read the following guidelines before you begin.
Application Deadline: June 21, 2024
Award Period: The award period extends for a term not to exceed 36 months from the date of the award.
Funds Available: A total of three projects will be awarded in the amount of $97,000 each. Applicants should carefully consider the resources needed to successfully implement the project proposed and present a realistic budget that accurately reflects project costs. Funding for this grant program will be awarded based on the applicant's adherence to the application's guidelines and purpose areas.
Review Process: The grant application process will be competitive and all applications and financials will be reviewed by Impact 100 Oakland County members that volunteer to be a part of one of five Focus Area Committees.  If an applicant fails to meet the criteria listed below for the initial internal review, the application will not receive a full review.  Criteria for the initial review include and is not limited to:

  • Proposal submitted via online application by the deadline specified above
  • Proposal is complete
  • Proposal includes all of the required attachments
  • Proposal meets the remaining requirements set forth in this application

Focus Area Committees: Committee members read and score the applications including financial information submitted with the application, and perform site visits to selected nonprofits. Members from each Focus Area Committee select one finalist for each of the five focus areas, which are as follows

  • Arts & Culture 
  • Education 
  • Environment, Recreation & Restoration
  • Family 
  • Health & Wellness

Executive summaries of the finalists selected are circulated to Impact100 Oakland County members prior to the Annual Grant Awards Ceremony where grantees will be selected by rank voting by the membership. Representatives from each of the finalist organizations provide a short presentation at the Annual Grant Awards Ceremony. Each Impact100 Oakland County member may choose to vote at the Annual Grant Awards Ceremony in person, or may submit an absentee ballot prior to the event, to determine the year's grant recipients. Grantees will be announced by the end of the Annual Grant Awards Ceremony.

   If you have remaining questions that are not addressed above, please email: Thank you!

Impact100 Oakland County